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Deloitte: Digital Education Survey

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Originally published on Deloitte in 2016

From bus ride to bedtime, education technology is transforming the way students learn.

Technology is significantly impacting the way students learn and the way teachers conduct lessons. As education technology (edtech) becomes more sophisticated, more available, and more engaging, schools and parents are better equipped to adapt to the different ways students look to learn. Learning can now take place outside of the time and physical limitations of a typical school day.

Technology has impacted education by introducing new methods of learning, such as adaptive learning, flipped classroom models, and massive open online courses (MOOCs), but more shifts will occur as technology continues to evolve.

Students are not the only ones looking for more at-home learning: parents and teachers are also on board. 88 percent of parents and 84 percent of teachers are interested in having more at-home digital content available to supplement what's being taught in school. The increasingly digital behaviors of students, teachers, and parents are expanding the way learning occurs. Understanding and positioning ahead of that behavioral shift will be critical in helping educational organizations succeed in the digital future.

Download the executive summary to uncover how these shifts are transforming the traditional divide between school and home life, creating a more personalized learning experience for all ages.

  • Learn about students’ and teachers’ preferences around digital learning materials and devices

  • Find out what teachers, students, and parents think about the role of edtech inside and outside of the classroom

  • Explore the differing expectations and motivations across users of education technology

  • Examine some of the biggest perceived barriers to edtech adoption

  • Unlock insight on how respondents feel about the influence of teachers on this new dimension of learning


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